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So I found myself combing the streetsof Prague with Vic, Richie, and Renatoon yet another mission for some hoteuro chicks to take back to the pad forsome old fashioned fuck filming. Soafter a few hours of searching, we seethis crew of chicks that looked likethe perfect type to pounce on. Young,hot, and receptive to our camera.Nothing else you could really ask for.Sheila, Tina, and Anife were comingfrom shopping and were walking pastthis huge building. So, using that asmy in, I proceed to ask them questions.After some bullshitting, we get them tocome back to the pad with promises ofwarmth and comfort. It was on andpopping once the clothes came off.Three sets of natural perky tits andtight round bubble butts for thepicking. I love this game. Tons of hotsteamy sex which included doubleblowjobs, pussy licking galore, andstraight up animalistic sex. My boysmade sure to rep on this one. Good shithere. Enjoy.

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